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What can be environments affects from Steel pole making factory?

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     When we talk about environments affects, we can't talk too much extension. it will be easier to understand just in steel pole factory. our raw material is steel, we can't talk too much because of steel production pollution. 

     As steel pole production factory, in fact, it is some like normal machinery production company. Most jobs are like steel cutting, welding, assembling. Ok, if just to get raw steel pole, environment environmental impact is clear:

  1. Raw material and energy: steel, electric power;
  2. sound pollution: not much than normal factories;
  3. Air pollutions: Yes. factory will use flame/plasma cutting, arc/MIG welding. these processes are some like main job. according to production ability, there can be some affect on air. factory shall take account waste air treatment instruments from workshop construction. 
  4. Water pollution: No. normal process will not use water. 
  5. solid waste: scrap steel