Expert Factory for Pole Machines

Developed long time for various capacity steel pole production machines. There are 280 staff, including production workers, sales, design engineers, inspection and machine maintenance team. We will supply customers with full services from project beginning to future improvement. 

Light pole taper plate slitting machine
octagonal hot galvanized street light pole


Lighting pole industry growing was together with economic and worldwide Urbanization. It started from wood pole, concrete pole. and till now, steel lighting pole is more and more popular. Pole shape is more and more nice looking. Cities make our life more convenient. Roads connects people from near to far. Street lighting bright the way back to our home.  

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For big public area, like square, station, sea port, stadium, lighting requirements is higher. we shall use sectional high pole. With cities growing, more electric power will be needed. while land cost is much higher. High voltage power transmission poles will be applied in suburbs. And in future, more and more power tower will be replaced by power pole. 

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polygonal steel pole