• Plasma cutting power can be world famous, like Hyperthern, Thermadyne or other brands;
  • Both plasma cutting and flame cutting can be applied; 
  • Flame cutting can be used for thick plate cut;


  • The machine body is gantry type structure;
  • The crossbeam is treated by whole annealing to eliminate stress;
  • Good rigidity and strength will make accurate cutting;


  • High precision planet gear reducer;
  • CNC controller can be Hypertherm or Adtech;
  • Panasonic (or similar )servo drive motor ;
  • Automatic height regulator. 

Steel Pole CNC Gantry Type Plasma/flame cutting machine

Machine has two cutting head, plasma and flame torch. Plasma cutting has smooth cutting edge. flame cutting can be used for thicker plate cutting. Machine can work automatically with program. It will much reduce labour cost and make products more competitive. More cutting head and customized cutting length and width is optional. 

Cover All Cut for Steel light post

One unit CNC plasma cutting machine can cover all cut applications in a steel pole factory, like base plate, steel pole body taper plate, Reinforcement and extensions for pole structure. For post taper plate, we also can cut connection holes, check door on flat plate before bending. we can get finished with simple final treatment. Optimized processing can make production more effecient.