Steel Poles includes normal street lighting poles, Public square high mast lighting poles, Power transmission poles and traffic function poles, like for traffic signal, way guide board, camera holding, advertising and so on. Different pole will has different parameters, for example plate thickness, size, height.  


Hot roll steel coil Cut to Length Line

Steel light pole quantity is much bigger, bigger than high mast pole, power transmission poles and function steel poles. so that pole production factory shall start with coil steel plate, to reduce third party middle processing. It will efficiently reduce pole production cost. 

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Taper plate slitting machine

is the best solution for taper pole plate cutting. It will work with roller cutter to cut steel plate. special guiding system will make cutting straight along set dimension. mechanic shear works very fast. edge is free from cutting stress. It will efficiently reduce pole twist after welding.

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CNC Plasma Cutting machine

Can be used for taper plate cutting, base plate cutting. We can make program on controller. Machine will automatically finish big plate profile cutting. It is very common equipment for pole production. Pole making beginners can start with it for most cutting purpose. for bigger taper cutting, we can upgrade with taper slitting machine.  

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Steel Light Pole Press Brake

is used for pole shape forming. Normally steel pole can be conic, octagonal or polygonal. One side diameter is smaller than the other side. Pole height, plate thickness and slope rate is according to weather condition of pole installed place.  For long steel light pole forming, we shall use synchronized tandem hydraulic press brake. We can offer various capacity, 2 or more machines linked press brake for pole production. 

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Light Pole Seam Welding Machine

Before steel light pole was widely used, People did welding by hand manually. a good welder is costly. while even with many good welder, pole welding speed still can’t couple with production requirements. Automatic welding machine is the best solution for mass production. 

CNC1200X1200 CNC plasma cutting machine


Plasma Base plate cutter

Light pole end bending and polishing machine



Light pole machines