• Suitable for various steel light poles welding;
  • Semiautomatic pole welding increase speed much;
  • Good and stable welding seam:

Main Welder

  • Hydraulic and mechanic pole holding system;
  • Synchronized 6-8pcs press;
  • Welding start from small end to big end;
  • Hold pole properly during weld; 

Motorized trolley

  • Speed adjustable motorized;
  • Pole clamp height adjustable;
  • Big pulling force for various size;
  • Guide way length can be configured according to various pole length. 

Steel Light Pole Welding Machine  

it is suitable for one piece type polygonal and circle taper light pole. it is automatic welding line, the trolley with inverter speed adjustable motor can pull the light pole from small end to big end, The hydraulic cylinder through mechanical chain, worm wheel push the clamping wheel to close the pole and do welding at same time.

Light Pole Welder

  1. Long guide working table with rack for pull dolly;
  2. Motorized Dolly for pulling pole during pole welding;
  3. Hydraulic clamping and welding unit
    (3 sets clamping wheels for polygonal and circle pole);
  4. Submerged Arc Welding and Gas-shielded welding(CO2) Welding system, including welding wire feeding system.
  5. The submerge welding flux recovering system;
  6. Steel pole back support unit after welding;
  7. Hydraulic station for whole system;


Both Co2 shielded welding or Submerge welding can be applied on steel light pole welding machine. Submerge welding can be easier for beginner and it has no welding arc, is better for operator protection. It is easier to check weld seam. Co2 welding can be more popular for normal welding shop. 

Main Welding Head

  • With 8 or 6 Pieces Pole holders, mechanical synchronized ;
  • Each holder will be with 3 rollers for Octagonal or Conic pole;
  • Holders will press and close pole seam properly during welding for any pole slope rate;
  • With welding seam guider to make straight welding. 
  • Operator can manually trace and adjust welding point even weld seam twist;
  • Both Co2 or submerged welding can be applied;
  • Welding will be much stable and faster; 

Welder Control

  • Start or stop Hydraulic station;
  • Control pole holders open , close or holding (in welding);
  • Steel pole pulling trolley frequency converter is adjustable from control cabinet, moving speed;
  • Pole pulling trolley move forward / backward control; 
  • Welding seam motorized guider vertical movement control;
  • Hydraulic assit pressing cylinders control;
  • Assist hydraulic station on/off control; 

Move Trolley

  • Backward and forward control;
  • Speed is adjustable by frequency inverter;
  • Heavy driving gear and rack make big pulling force for heavy poles;
  • Pole pulling trolley move forward / backward control; 
  • Quick and easy adjust pole holding clamp;
  • Hydraulic assit pressing cylinders control;
  • Quick clutch for trolley back movement (optional motorized);