Easy Operation

  • Only one hydraulic cylinder;
  • Movement up / down controlled by foot switch; 
  • One operator can run it, additional people can work faster;

Wide Range

  • We can straight various shape post, conic/octagonal;
  • 63/80T capacity press force is enough for light pole size ;
  • Table length can 3000/4000 mm. 3 Points supports;

Improved Design

  • The steel light pole straightening machine is optimized press;
  • Down supporting rollers position can be adjusted;
  • Top press and down rollers are designed according to pole;

Steel Light post Straigtening machine

When we start to make steel post, we may meet many problems in actual production. We will find that the pole forming was good. Straight and edge is smooth. BUT after pole seam welding, the pole curved in banana shape. Smaller diameter poles are even worse. Anyhow we have to use steel pole straightening machine to make pole straight. We may also use it after pole galvanizing.

What makes pole curve?

Machines problem? No. It is just a Physical phenomenon – Thermal expansion and contraction. Because we heat and melt steel during welding, after welding edge cool down, shrinkage happens on it. Then unbalance stress makes pole curve.