Easy Operation

  • When operator is familiar, one person can run it;
  • We already optimized operation procedure; 
  • Steel pole loading / unloading is easier ;

Big Range

  • The machine can cut various poles, conic / octagonal;
  • Different capacity Hypertherm plasma power can cut different thickness plate ;
  • We also can cut art poles;

Nice Cut

  • CNC Plasma cutting is very nice compare with manual cut;
  • Proper cutting current, speed, nozzle size will improve quality;
  • It is suitable for mass steel pole production;

Pole Door cutting machine

Easier operation and fast cutting speed makes the machine suitable for mass steel light pole production. It can cut different shape poles, like conic or octagonal poles. Hypertherm plasma power making cutting nice. Any new staff can work with the machine and get good job.   

CNC Plasma Door cut

For any function steel poles, light column, LED light pole, high mast or multi function post. We will have to install electric cable and some electric components on or around the pole. For bigger diameter pole, we can directly install from base foundation. while for normal lighting pole, side check maintenance door is more common. Such door cutting is a big quantity. and as public instruments, Appearance is also important.