• Steel coil loading dolly car;
  • Hydraulic double-head umbrella type uncoiler;
  • Hydraulic guiding-pressing, shovel-head, pinch and feeding device:


  • Pinch rollers for plate feeding;
  • 2-layers (Optional 4-layers) multi-rollers Leveler;
  • Roller Material is 40Cr, HRC48;
  • with encoder for plate length measuring; 


  • Hydraulic guillotine shear for length cut;
  • Double scrap edge slitting unit;
  • Light pole taper plate roll slitting;
  • Feeding trolley for pole plate cut / slitting

Steel Light Pole Cut to Length (Taper slitting)

Is first raw plate treatment for production. We also can ask steel supplier to supply required flat plate. while Hot roll steel coil is most cost effective. Competitive price forced pole manufacture so to reduce production cost through every possible method. And self production line can warrantee pole plate quality and accuracy. Pole plate material can be GB Q235 (mild steel) or Q345 (high strength steel). Different market and environment may have different requirements.  

Plate Decoiling

  1. Load steel coil over motorized hydraulic trolley;
  2. The trolley will lift steel coil and move to double head decoiler;
  3. Decoilers hold steel coil and trolley will return to initial position;
  4. Decoiler can rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise;
  5. Hydraulic guiding press on steel coil and remove bandage;
  6. shovel-head will get out to support start of steel coil and load to feeding;
  7. Motorized pinch rollers will make plate move forward to leveler;

Plate Leveling

Including:speed adjustable motor, reducer, gearbox. The leveling roller are deal with heat treatments,40Cr. HRC48 Up and down roller total 13. (including 1 pair of pinch roller) The up roller base’s up and down movement is driven by the motor through worm system. It is with length measuring unit: Rotated the encoder sends the length siginal to control system and control the certain length. Note : option : four lay type leveling unit with individual guiding unit.


  • Plate length cutting can be with Hydraulic guillotine shear 6×2000;
  • when flat plate move to set length, machine will stop and shear will cut plate into section length;
  • Because hot roll steel plate edge may have internal stress, we will make plate go through edge slitting machine and get final rectangle plate. 
  • The plate will go through taper plate slitting machine and get Trapezoidal plate