• Fastest steel light post taper plate cutting method;
  • Suitable for mast steel lighting post production; 
  • Half shift can finish whole day job for taper plate cut;

Nice Cut

  • Cutting method is based on round disc cut;
  • Both sides cutting edge are clean, have no raw edge ;
  • Patented technology to make cutting straight;

Zero Stress

  • Special tech to make zero stress on cutting edges;
  • Zero stress will make less deforming on bending, welding;
  • Free operators from edge grinding treatment;

High speed Tapper Plate Slitting machine

Max cutting speed can be up to 12m/min. There is no any other technology can compare. There are many additional advantages, like lowest cutting cost, easier operation, no any pollution to environment. There is just a little electric power consumption. It is most cost efficient machine for steel lighting post taper plate cutting.  

Mechanical Disc shear

Taper plate slit machine working principle is based on roller shear. Top and down rollers will rotate and cut the plate into two pieces. Roll cutter material is 40Cr, heat treated hardness is HRC60-62. Each roll cutter is installed on thread shaft. we can adjust cutting position by turning the cutter. Both side of roll cutter has fixing disc to hold position of cutter.  AC motor and gear box drive main shaft rotate and make cutter to slit steel plate. Taper plate angle is according to start position and finished position of plate. Proper guiding system will warrantee cutting straightness.