Simple Process of Steel Light Pole production

Steel light pole is most popular in the world now. Pole quantity is also bigger than other power pole, function poles.

light pole produce procedure

  1. Pole plate is hot roll steel. type can be mild steel Q235 or structure steel (higher strength) Q345. We need cut to length line to get flat section length plate. We also need to trim edge of plate. bad edge is with worse inner strength. it will affect pole welding. 
  2. Hydraulic tandem press brake will help to form pole shape. light pole can be octagonal or conic cross section. conic pole will need conic forming tool. different slop rate will need different male/ female tool. 
  3. After steel pole shape formed, we need seam welding machine to close. After steel pole welding, because of welding stress, pole shape can be be curved into banana shape. it is normal. while if taper plate cutting is not good, unbalance stress can be affect welding seam twist. 
  4. Pole base plate cutting need CNC plasma cutting machine. we can use gantry type can be used for more applications, like for bigger thickness pole plate cut. 
  5. Then we need other machines to cut or weld accessories for pole. 

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