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Russia steel light pole making company machine installation

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Place: Russia, Krasnodar

Time: 2018

Machines: Steel light pole tandem hydraulic press brake; steel pole welding machine; Steel Pole straightening machine

Our two engineers work together with customer operators for about 20 days to setup all the machines. After installation, we tested machine performance and gave pole making training, solved all questions. 

(Unloaded steel pole machine parts from container)

(tandem hydraulic press brake pole installation field)

(steel pole tandem press brake with side unloading device)

(Octagonal pole forming from hydraulic bending press brake)

(semi-Automatic steel light pole welding machine test. welding methods can be submerge or Co2 shelled arc welding)

(CNC plasma cutting machine can be used for pole plate or parts profile cutting)

Krasnodar most steel poles are sectional welded structure, like above photo. Pole making process is like following one. 

small diameter section steel tube is as long as pole. second tube length is about 2/3 of pole. the last section is with biggest diameter tube. I didn't check the weight of such pole. I feel it is really heavy. I saw trolleybus and shuttle train in the city. maybe the pole has function of hold such cables. 

(street view of the city)

Krasnodar is south side city of Russia, beside Kouban river. the city is beautiful and calm. after work in customer factory, we walked around the city. 

I found a church. it is really beautiful. even I didn't see many other churches. 

Railway station let me knew two things.

  1. Russia population is not like china;
  2. petroleum is lifeline of Russia;


I saw very old LADA car, over 40 years old. it's really Russia's Quintessence. 

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